SHORT STORIES ABOUT PAINTING ~ An Exhibition at Art Space Gallery : 9 September - 15 October 2005


9 Sep. – 15 Oct. 05

Simon Callery
Louise Cattrell
Jeffrey Dennis
Tim Renshaw
Merlin James
Virginia Verran

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about the exhibition

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'Peace Vase' by Jeffrey Dennis 'Untitled' by Merlin James 'The Front' by Merlin James
'Black-Ochre Painting No.2 (Agave)' by Virginia Verran 'Traders'by Jeffrey Dennis 'Alp' by Louise Cattrell
'Black-Pink Painting No.1 (Vortice)' by Virginia Verran 'Blue Tree View' by Jeffrey Dennis 'Chandolin' by Louise Cattrell
Untitled 'Entasis' by Simon Callery 'Rhomboid' by Simon Callery 'Graze' by Tim Renshaw 'Surface' by Tim Renshaw


With contributions from Tim Green (Tate Britain Conservation Department) and Jon Archdeaco, this 118 page book with illustrations brings together stories, myths and misunderstandings about painting from 25 contributors from the art world.

The DVD contains interviews with artists in their studios talking about their working practices.

Recent exhibition by Jeffrey Dennis at Art Space Gallery:
A Crisis of Connections
4 July - 2 August 2003

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