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28 May - 26 June 2004
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Visions of London will range across three generations to present a rich variety of responses to the city from some twenty living artists, including previously unexhibited drawings by Kossoff, Auerbach and Camp. "Charing Cross Station 1" by Leon Kossoff

Timothy Hyman, co-curator of the exhibition, writes:

We wanted to bring together contemporary artists' experiences of the city - to assemble a London built not so much from brick and stone, as from the spaces of our melancholy and our pit of the stomach epiphanies! Even if few of us are able to counterpoint both the place and the populace in the same drawing, yet across the whole exhibition I hope the city will accumulate in all its complex layering, by day and by night - river and red buses, stations and parks, as well as the lovers, the urban demons and the anonymous crowd.

Fugitive street drawings will hang beside grand charcoal compositions and watercolours; fantasy beside fact. The selection does not claim to be comprehensive; rather it is seen as a call to all those who draw in the city, not to undervalue their day-to-day activity; and to Londoners to affirm their city as a continuing inspiration.

Participating artists are:

Peter Allen
Frank Auerbach
Jeanette Barnes
Sharon Beavan
James Burnett-Stuar
Jeffery Camp
Mark Cazalet
Liza Dimbleby
Ann Dowker
Paul Gopal-Chowdhury
Timothy Hyman
Michael Johnson
Jane Joseph
Leon Kossoff
Diana Leslie
John Lessore
Sophie Levi
Andrea McLean
Daniel Miller
Jiro Osuga
John Wonnacott


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