GEORGE ROWLETT East Kent the River Thames and Wast Water Exhibition at Art Space Gallery ~ 26 June - 26 July 2009


East Kent
the River Thames
and Wast Water

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"Plunging Flaxfields, St. Margaret’s " by GEORGE ROWLETT "Flaxfield at Freedown, Riders " by GEORGE ROWLETT "Flax, Sea & Sky, St. Margaret’s" by GEORGE ROWLETT
"Midday, Pink Clouds over Yewbarrow, Great Gable & Lingmell, Wast Water " by GEORGE ROWLETT Wast Water, Rain Blowing over the Screes" by GEORGE ROWLETT "Wast Water, Early Morning Sunlight, Yewbarrow, Great Gable & Screes, Chevron Reflections" by GEORGE ROWLETT "The Screes, Wast Water, Morning" by GEORGE ROWLETT
"Poppy Field in Wind and Rain, St. Margaret’s" by GEORGE ROWLETT "Pink Hydrangeas in a Glass, Green Ground" by GEORGE ROWLETT "White Hydrangeas, White Pot, Green Ground – 2007"  by GEORGE ROWLETT "Thames Barge & Two Inflatables Heading Upstream Past O2, Dark Clouds Looming, From Trinity Buoy Wharf" by GEORGE ROWLETT
"Rapefield, Looking to Ringwould" by GEORGE ROWLETT "The ‘Aeolus’, Gary Anne’, ’Kaka’ & Something Fishy’ Hauled Up on Walmer Beach for Winter" by GEORGE ROWLETT "Figures under a Cloud, Walmer Beach to Deal Pier, Winter" by GEORGE ROWLETT "Under Kingsdown Cliffs, Norfolk Line, January Evening" by GEORGE ROWLETT

A 36-page catalogue with 22 full colour reproductions and an essay by Robert Hewison is available.
To obtain a copy click:

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